Adrenaline (Epinephrine)
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Discovered by Napoleon Cybulski in 1895

Adrenal extracts containing adrenaline were first obtained by Polish physiologist Napoleon Cybulski in 1895.
Japanese chemist Jokichi Takamine and his assistant Keizo Uenaka independently discovered adrenaline in 1900 (Japanese patent No. 4785).

Title Primary Class Description Inventors Assignee Issue Date Patent No.
Method for synthesis of oxyphenyl-isopropylamine (translated from German) 12q/32 (old German) Synthesis of oxyphenyl-isopropylamine (related to adrenaline) (translated from German) Karl W. Rosenmund; Carl Mannich; Willy Jacobsohn
October 21, 1909 DE243546
Method for synthesis of phenylalkylamines (translated from German) 12q/32 (old German) Synthesis of phenylalkylamines (includes adrenaline) (translated from German) Karl W. Rosenmund; Carl Mannich; Willy Jacobsohn
October 21, 1909 DE247906
Manufacture of physiologically active substances from the anterior lobes of the hypophysis A61K38/24 Treating the fresh anterior lobes of the hypophysis separately with an organic solvent capable of dissolving lipoids, such as acetone, in order to obtained therapeutically active substances IG Farbenindustrie AG
September 23, 1929 GB291018
Process of preparing physiologically active extracts from the anterior lobes of the hypophysis 435/268 Improvement of the strength of the aqueous extracts that are obtained in the production of the estrous promoting product Ludwig, Lautenschlager Carl; Fritz, Lindner Winthrop Chemical Company, Inc., New York July 31, 1934 US1968156
Anesthetic combinations containing, besides a local anesthetic agent, a vasoconstricting agent 514/536 Improving anesthetic combinations, containing epinephrine, toxic by product effects Max Bockmuhl; Otto Schaumann; Gustav Ehrhart; Leonhard Stein Winthrop Chemical Company, Inc., New York September 22, 1936 US2055064
Stabilized epinephrine-type compound and process stabilizing it 562/74 Stabilization epinephrine by using organic thiol acids, mercaptan and tautomeric substances Morris S. Kharasch Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis July 7, 1936 US2047144
Manufacture of stable derivative of adrenaline 549/316 A new compound of adrenaline and ascorbic acid in the presence of an inert organic solvent Hoffmann et al. Byk, Guldenwerke Chem Fab A. G. August 27, 1940 US2212831
Method for the purification of extracts containing the adrenal cortical hormone 424/563 Efficient method of separating the accompanying lipid-like substances and adrenaline from the adrenal cortical hormone Alois Detzel Chemische Fabrik, Promonta. GMBH., Hamburg, Germany January 14, 1941 US2228561
Reaction Epinephrine with amino acids and products thereof 562/573 Preparation of addition compounds or “conjugates” of epinephrine with amino acids Richard G. Roberts
March 10, 1942 US2275809
Reaction of epinephrine with sterols and product thereof 552/544 Preparation of addition compounds or “conjugates” of epinephrine with sterols Richard G. Roberts Armour and Company, Chicago November 2, 1943 US2333581
Epinephrine derivatives and preparation thereof 514/547 Epinephrine prolonged effectiveness and physiological activity Edwin L. Gustus Wilson and Co., Inc. October 19, 1943 US2332075
Gelatin vehicle 514/653 Retarding the absorption or activity of subcutaneously injected drugs and particularly epinephrine compounds Harold A. Abramson
February 11, 1947 US2415719
Urea stabilized epinephrine mist for treatment of asthma 514/588 Compositions adapted for the nebulization therapy of asthma Herold Alexander Abramson
April 11, 1950 US2503650
Process for the purification of epinephrine 564/361 The separation of the primary amine arterenol from the secondary amine epinephrine. Frank H. Tendick Parke Davis and Company, Detroit July 8, 1952 US2602818
Therapeutic composition of procaine and adrenaline precursor 514/536 Therapeutic composition and administering methods Manme E. Borsook Clinical Research Foundation October 23, 1956 US2768113
Process for obtaining epinephrine free adrenal cortical hormones 435/268 Obtaining Physiologically active substances by treatment of mammalian adrenal glands which may be used in treatment of diseases in humans due to dysfunction of endocrine glands Emil Gilbert Conason Schenley Industries, Inc., New York January 22, 1957 US2778770
Self propelling compositions for inhalation therapy containing a salt of isoproterenol or epinephrine 222/192 Overcoming vehicle of medicament shortcomings: rubber airbulb, irritation, fixed dosage. Irving Porush, George L. Mason Riker laboratories, Inc., Los Angeles. January 13, 1959 US2868691
Stabilization of epinephrine 514/653 Improving pH level of solution of epinephrine to prevent patient eye irritation Sidney Riegelman The Regents of the University of California September 15, 1964 US3149035

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