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Invented by Erik Rotheim in 1926 (US patent 1,800,156)

The aerosol spray can was invented by Erik Rotheim in 1926 (US patent No. 1,800,156; Norwegian Patent No. 46613)

Title Primary Class Description Inventors Assignee Issue Date Patent No.
Measuring apparatus for liquids 222/205 Measure out liquids from bottles – medicine or chemical reagents which it is necessary to gage with accuracy. A bottle with means of ejecting liquids by air pressure (tube, pressing bulb) into a measuring vessel which is, mounted on top of the device. Caharles Gunnar Molin
February 26, 1889 US0398528
Oil or gasoline can 222/394 The contents of the oil or gasoline container can be forced by air pressure through a tube into a lamp and to provide means for instantaneously cutting off the flow Lewis S. Bonbrake
January 10, 1893 US0489786
Liquid dispensing device 222/95 An inexpensive portable liquid dispenser that works by air pressure; built from a collapsible container like a bug and an air space between the collapsible container and the wall of the reservoir, air pressure is pumped into the air space and is used to collapse the collapsible container to eject the liquid. Henry Huss
February 10, 1914 US1086532
Fire extinguisher 222/394 A portable extinguisher in which an expelling fluid is desirably used with the extinguishing chemicals Frederick C. Bargar Nu Ex Fire Appliance Company, Columbus, Ohio June 5, 1917 US1228388
Dispenser 222/95 A dispenser for dispensing of semi-hard materials such as soap, vanishing cream, toothpaste and the like, whereby small amounts maybe dispensed ordinarily. To provide an airtight container adapted to have a collapsible tube filled with semi-hard contents placed within the container so that when the container is filled with pressurized air, there will be a tendency of the air within the container to collapse the tube and force out the contents through a discharge nozzle or valve which is manually operated and adjusted. Harry J. Cocks Nathaniel C. Barnes May 28, 1929 US1715335
Tank and agitating construction for paint-spraying apparatus 222/226 Agitating mechanism within the tank; agitating mechanism and tube or pipe through which the liquid is discharged from the tank are forming a single assembly; commercial production and assembly on an economical basis. Austin H. Downs Eclipse Air Brush Company, Inc. October 29, 1929 US1733724
Self-dispensing liquid package 222/211 A method of manufacturing lubricant oil dispensing cans withstanding high gas pressures. John F. Werder John F. Werder; Edmund Rogers June 10, 1930 US1762903
Method and means for the atomizing or distribution of liquid or semiliquid materials 427/421.1 The material to be dispensed is enclosed in a pressure resisting vessel together with dimethyl ether under a pressure sufficient to effect liquefaction of the dimethyl ether by condensation. When the outlet opening in the vessel is opened, the material will be forced out under the pressure prevailing in the container. Erik Rotheim
April 7, 1931 US1800156
Means for dispensing liquids under pressure 222/82 To obviate the necessity for the use of compressed air by charging the dispensed liquid with a neutral gas such as carbon dioxide; A permanent spray gun is applied to successive packages of liquid under pressure. John F. Werder
February 28, 1933 US1899222
Mouth cleansing device 222/80 A mouth cleansing device in which a liquid dentifrice contained in a bottle is atomize by means of carbon dioxide, which is introduced into the bottle or container from a steel bulb the “sparklet” type containing carbon dioxide under pressure; this invention prevents the carbon dioxide loss when applied by regulating the pressure of it. Hans Andvig
August 1, 1933 US1920165
Apparatus for mixing a liquid with a gas 141/20 An apparatus for whipping cream, or for like purposes, by discharging the cream and the gas mixture under pressure through a constricted orifice. A protective device or safety valve for preventing excess pressure within the apparatus. Julian Kahn
August 22, 1939 US2170531
Spraying device 222/95 A spraying device of the type having an inner container of resilient material, placed in an outer container, so when fluid is forced into the outer container the inner container will be pressed and thus the fluid therein will be forced out of the inner container. To provide a simple and inexpensive means for connecting the two containers together in a fluid tight manner and to permit the inner container to be easily and quickly refilled. Henry Charles Baumgardner
October 24, 1939 US2177032
Method of applying insecticides 43/129 A method of making certain insecticides more effective when applied in the presence of a stable aerosol, and by this the insecticide will be retained in a highly dispersed form which will be in contact with the insect for a much longer period. Lyle D. Goodhue; William N.Sullivan Claude R. Wickard as United States Secretary of Agriculture December 29, 1942 US2306434
Dispensing apparatus 222/399 A spray device for dispensing a pre-determined quantity of liquid so that each dose is exactly the same Lyle D. Goodhue; William N.Sullivan Claude R. Wickard as United States Secretary of Agriculture October 5, 1943 US2331117
Spraying device 137/114 Valve means to eject spray under constant pressure; valve control means to stop operation of the sprayer upon depletion; means for agitating the mixture to be ejected; automatic protection against back flow into the chamber containing the prepared mixture when the machine stands idle or when it prepares for flushing after depletion. Edward J. Chmeilowiec Nellie Chalmers March 26, 1946 US2397455
Aerosol bomb 222/547 A novel valve construction that eliminates the usual valve seat and valve plug or petcock; provide an aerosol bomb that is readily refillable and rechargeable with gas pressure. Robert S. Knapp Knapp Monarch Company, St. Louis, Mo. May 15, 1951 US2552857
Hermetically sealed package for mixing and discharging paint 366/130 A hermetically sealed container having therein a suspension of finely divided solid material dispersed in a solution under pressure in which means are provided for redispersing the solid material which may settle out and collect on the base of the container. Edward H. Seymour
December 25, 1951 US2580132
Pump type dispenser with cartridge having flexible and rigid portions 222/95 To provide a holder for a renewable cartridge or refill unit containing the material to be dispensed; to employ air pressure by squeezing a part of the holder (self restoring rubber bulb) for ejecting the material from the cartridge. Joseph R. Harrison Jr.
August 26, 1952 US2608320
Valve mechanism for dispensing gases and liquids under pressure 251/353 A dispensing valve mechanism readily adapted for economical mass production without the use of soldering, brazing, welding or threading. The valve is also adapted for either as an integral part of a bottom filled aerosol dispenser or in a cap adapted to seal a top filled aerosol dispenser. Robert H. Abplanalp
March 17, 1953 US2631814
Aerosol deodorant bottle 222/402.2 Aerosol bottle having a metering discharge valve for discharging the fluid contents of the bottle in measured puffs of mist or spray Charles Arthur Howell Pharma Craft Corporation, New York, N.Y. November 9, 1954 US2693983
Atomizing and dispensing apparatus 239/308 The entire gas chamber or reservoir is incorporated in the bottle cap. In fact, the user may not even be aware that any source of gas pressure exists in the device. Santy M. Croce Coty, Inc., New York, N. Y. January 31, 1956 US2733102
Aerosol valve 141/21 An aerosol valve which may be opened by either vertical or lateral pressure to discharge the contents of the container and permits the container to be filled under pressure Wilfrid H. St. Germain Aerosol Research Company, Illinois April 14, 1959 US2881808
Plastic spray bottle 239/362 A permanent not permeable container for the material to be sprayed, particularly when such material may be volatile, aromatic or oxidizeable; in combination with a flexible plastic spray bottle made of poly-ethylene which is manipulated by being squeezed to cause the spray to emanate from, whereby the material to be sprayed is kept always in the non-permeable container and is not contained within the permeable flexible plastic container. William G. Gorman Sterling Drug Inc., New York October 17, 1961 US3004718
Actuator for aerosol medication spray dispensers 128/200.23 A disadvantage common to all currently available actuators is that the patient must remove the actuator from its covering position and replace it in the operating position; this actuator does not need to be replaced and removed in another position to operate it. John E. Silson; Philip Meshberg; Bernard Abramson Revlon Inc. October 22, 1963 US3107670
Portable dispensing units 222/95 The manufacture of a portable aerosol container for dispensing fluids and streams especially those in which the material to be dispensed is separated from the propellant Paul Hrebenak; Leo Zuckerman Leo Zuckerman February 16, 1965 US3169670
Pressure can for hot dispensing 222/146.3 Cans that are used to dispense products which are preferably warm when dispensed; applicable for the “aerosol” type and other forms of gas pressure. Kaspar R. Kasparian
November 16, 1965 US3217937
Method of forming and dispensing aerosol dispensible polymerizable compositions 222/1 This invention relates to self propelled polymerizeable resin compositions and containers which are particularly adapted for dispensing polymerizeable matter as spray, foam or semi-solid to an intended substrate. Jerome J. Siegel; Seymour Leavitt Capitol Packaging Co., Illinois. September 26, 1967 US3343718
Valved closure for a pressurized dispenser 222/402.24 A deformable non metallic liner member is interposed between the valve unit of the pressurized dispenser and the metallic closure member which supports the valve unit thereby preventing corrosion of the metallic member by the container contents and preventing undue stress in the valve unit when it is affixed to the metallic member by crimping. John Richard Focht Precision Valve Corporation, Yonkers, New York. July 9, 1968 US3391834

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